The importance of becoming energy efficient

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The amount of energy we use in our everyday lives and its impact on the environment and our bank accounts is a growing cause for concern.

It has led to many governments, private companies and individuals striving to find ways in which households and businesses can become more energy efficient.

This basically means getting more out of using less, primarily with regards to gas and electricity. There are many ways of becoming more energy efficient, with products and advice available all over the internet.

However, many opt not to make any changes and wonder just how big an impact they can have on their lives. The fact is, they can be quite drastic and important to you and others around you.


First of all, something as simple as replacing light bulbs with energy-efficient halogens, CFLs or LEDs can reduce bills by 30 – 80%.

On a larger scale, purchasing Energy Star appliances can cut down on costs by as much as 30%.

Keeping cars tyres inflated and washing your clothes in cold water will also save you money. It may not seem a lot, but combined these small and helpful tips with the many other available on the web and it’ll quickly build up into a more substantial saving.

Despite pressure from the government and consumer watchdogs, energy prices are increasing and you should do all you can to minimise what you pay.


Becoming more energy efficient actually benefits the economy, according to the Alliance to Save Energy (ASE).

An ASE report revealed consumers and businesses in the US save approximately $500 billion (£300 billion) every year through energy efficiency measures.

This leaves individuals with the ability to spend more on other products and services that can drive the economy into a better state, while businesses are in a better position to hire new staff and expand their operations.

In addition, energy efficiency actually creates jobs in itself, with more than 800,000 individuals becoming employed in the US in 2010 because of the growing industry.


Arguably the most important reason for becoming energy efficient is because of the environment, which is struggling to cope with the growing amount of emissions humans are producing.

The ASE report 56% less energy is used in the US today because of strategies in place to reduce these emissions, or enough to power 12 states for an entire year.

Aside from that, introducing energy efficient measures would see instant benefits for people in the developed and third-world areas of the planet. Pollution causes respiratory and inflammatory health issues, but with cleaner air, we’d all be better off.


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