How to reuse Wine Bottles

Posted on: September 9th, 2013 by michelle No Comments

Even if you’re not a big drinker, wine bottles can stack up fast. You can certainly recycle them, but they have such a great shape that it almost seems a pity to just get rid of them with the week’s recycling.

Instead, why not branch out into some interesting alternative uses for wine bottles. Here are a few ideas:

Chalkboard Vase

Come on, sticking flowers in a wine bottle is lazy. Spraying a wine bottle with chalkboard paint allows you to add customized messages and change them up as desired; and if you want, you can dress it up with ribbon, raffia, or burlap string, as seen here.

Plant waterer

This particular photo shows a craft project, but you can also use upside down wine bottles (cut in half or not) to water your plants. Drill a hole through the cork, fill the bottle with water, and push it upside down into the soil. The hole will allow the water to slowly leak out, providing a steady trickle of water at the root line.

Infused oils or simple syrup

Gift idea: Make your own infused oils or simple syrup, pour them in a (very clean) wine bottle, and attach a personalized label.


These wine bottles can protect votives and taller candles from gusts of wind when they are used outdoors.
Self-watering planters
These are gorgeous, and allow you to see the root system of the plants.
Mood lighting or Christmas Lights
This lamp may not cast a lot of light, but it certainly looks nifty.

Soap dispenser

Outfitted with a pump or drizzle top, a wine bottle can be a nice break from an ugly plastic bottle.

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