Clean your laundry the natural way – use soap nuts!

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Don’t be afraid of soap nuts. Yes, they look a bit weird and smell funky at first, but they work! Your clothes will come out of the washer with a light, fresh scent and very clean.

maggies soap nuts For the cleanest laundry, try soap nuts

Soap nuts are literally nuts from the Sapindus genus of trees, also known as soapberry trees. The shell of the nut contains saponin, a natural cleansing substance that has been used for centuries around Asia for both clothing and skin.

In addition to being an effective cleaner, soap nuts are very gentle on skin so they’re great for people with allergies.

The nuts – which have been de-seeded and dried – are usually sold by the ounce and come with a small, fabric pouch. The pouch holds the soap nuts (4-5 per load) so they can be easily retrieved later.

The nuts can be used up to five times on average before they lose their potency. Based on your water softness, wash temperature, and necessary cleaning power the number and usage of your soap nuts may be different.

After a couple washes the shells of the nut fall apart, but work just as well.  The second best thing about these, is when finished with the, dispose of them in the composter!

Note for apartment dwellers: buy a couple extra bags so you can use your soap nuts on multiple loads at a time.

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